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questionsI was in an auto accident but it was not my fault. Why do you bill my auto insurance?

Florida is a no- fault state which means your auto insurance will be billed for yourtreatment. Florida law requires you to carry no-fault (PIP-personal injury protection) benefits if you own a motor vehicle.




questionsWill my insurance cover all of my medical expenses?

Basic PIP covers 80% of medically necessary and related medical expenses associated with your injuries up to a maximum benefit of $10,000. Check your policy to see if you elected to have a deductible. You may also have additional insurance over the $10,000 limit if you elected to purchase medpay.



questionsWill I need to pay the deductible and /or the 20% not covered by my insurance at the time of service?

We will not collect it until after the insurance company has issued us an explanation of benefits that states exactly what is the balance owed by the patient. If you plan to sue the at-fault party, we can assist you with hiring an attorney to file the lawsuit. We ask the attorney to issue us a lien or letter of protection on the patient balance. A letter of protection means the balance will be paid to us when the lawsuit settles.



questionsI have health insurance in addition to my PIP insurance. Will the health insurance pay the 20% or my deductible?

Our office cannot speak for all health insurance plans as they do differ, but we have found most of them do not pay as secondary insurance.




questionsWhat if I have exhausted my PIP $10,000 benefit?

If you have health insurance, some plans will then begin to pay because now they are now the primary insurance. All deductibles and co-pays will be owed at the time of service according to the contractual obligations the patient has with his health insurance company.


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